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Writing Internet Services in Perl

Writing Internet Services in Perl is an unfinished work by Bill Weinman. I have no plans to finish it at this time.

Updated 9 October 2002

This is an advanced-level book covering the details of writing servers and clients using common Internet protocols in Perl. It includes examples of full working programs that implement servers and clients for each of the protocols detailed in the book. It also includes a section wherein I walk you through the steps of designing and implementing a new Internet protocol.

Sometime around the middle of January 2002 I will be looking for beta testers to test the code. I will also start a mailing list to discuss the programs and the book as I write them.

If you would like to be notified as more details become available, please sign up for my occasional newsletter.

Note: If you were looking for Bill Weinman's The CGI Book, you are in the right place. Part of this new effort will be the long-anticipated update of The CGI Book. To keep up-to-date with Bill's projects, sign up for his occasional newsletter.

7 January 2002 -- I have created a documentation area for documents related to the project. It is [here].

The outline of the book currently looks like this:

Chap Topic
0.  Introduction
1.  Common Protocols
2.  Clients: Sockets and Streams
3.  Servers: Listening and Waiting
4.  Jargon: A Typical Internet Service
5.  Creating Modules in Perl
6.  Jargon Revisited
7.  FTP Server
8.  FTP Client
9.  SMTP Server
10.  SMTP Client
11.  NNTP Server
12.  NNTP Client
13.  HTTP Server
14.  HTTP Client
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